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Tea plantations

Azerbaijan's tea plantations lie between the Caspian Sea and the Talysh Mountains, in a region where the subtropical climate and humidity make it an ideal location growing tea.The main tea-growing areas are situated in the districts of Lankaran, Astara, Lerik, Masalli, Zakatala, and Balakan. Azerbaijani tea is produced mainly for internal consumption, but it is also exported to Turkey, the Russian republic of Dagestan, and Georgia.


This perfect example of oriental architecture has been gracing the center of Lankaran since 1913. Despite the fact that the architects were French, we still see the mastership and beauty of the oriental art of building.

Khanbulanchay reservoir

Khanbulanchay reservoir (Azerbaijani: Xanbulançay su anbarı), also known as Khanbulaqchay reservoir, is a lake in Lankaran Rayon of southeastern Azerbaijan. The name means "the spring of the khan" in Azerbaijani language. The reservoir was built Bəşəriçay river in 1976.

Lankaran Lighthouse

The symbol of Lankaran city, Lankaran Lighthouse was built in the 18th century. Surrounded by small houses, the structure is quite some way from the sea -- a fact that seems odd until you understand that the Caspian Sea has had fluctuating levels over the years. So much so, it's earned the nickname the "breathing Caspian."

Hirkan National Park

Hirkan National Park (Azerbaijani: Hirkan Milli Parkı) — is a national park of Azerbaijan. It was established in an area in Lankaran Rayon and Astara Rayon administrative districts on February 9, 2004 on the basis of the former "Hirkan State Reserve" which it superseded, on a surface area of 29,760 hectares (297.6 km2).

Zindan Tower

In pre-Soviet years, up to the early 20th century, Zindan Tower was used as a prison and the old building seems to changed little since it purportedly held captive one of the most ruthless rulers in world history: Ioseb dze Jughashvili, also known as Joseph Stalin. Stalin was said to have been detained here as a young revolutionary and, legend has it, he escaped through the underground tunnel with the help of Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh, the founder of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. He reached the lighthouse and made off via the Caspian Sea.