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"Istisu" mineral water

Istisu is well known for its unique hot springs with healing powers. One of the most well-performing balneological sanatoriums in the Soviet Union has been operating here since 1958. The wellness center provides effective treatment of numerous diseases involving thermal procedures prescribed by highly experienced physicians. Today there are 12 springs at the facility, including 7 "well-type" springs and 5 "springlet-type" ones. The chemical composition of the studied mineral springs is rich in useful trace elements, potassium, sodium, calcium ions, stable strontium, and iron.

Underground springs are rich in minerals that can't be found in the surface waters. Water enriches the body with its healing substances getting through the skin. It stimulates motor functions. The healing properties of the thermal water relieve tension in the joints. They become stronger and more resilient. Thermal water can relieve pain and spasms. Its exterior use has a soft massaging effect on the muscles. It stimulates blood flow. Blood vessels widen and blood pressure decreases. The body is enriched with efficient minerals of thermal waters. They remove toxins and residual products. The process of body renewal and rejuvenation starts.

The healing water strengthens the immune functions of the body. It takes an active part in its recovery and development. It regulates the hormonal system and helps to avoid abnormalities. Thermal water has a positive effect on the skin. Thermal water-based procedures will unclog your pores. It soothes irritated skin, eliminates inflammations, and strengthens its vessels.